Mauritius For Exotic Beach Film Locations With Infrastructure

Great beach locations aren’t difficult to find, however if you simply would also like efficient infrastructure for the ideal film location, that narrows lower your selection immediately. Mauritius has scored highly like a top place to go for worldwide commercial shoots recently. It doesn’t only present an idyllic choice of pristine beaches to select from, it includes a well-established film production infrastructure developed within the a long time it’s been serving the Indian movie industry. Strong links with South African film production companies also allow it to be easily accessible any special needs unavailable in your area.

Equipment hire

Major South African equipment suppliers are in possession of permanent branches in Mauritius which saves the price of freighting within the heavy equipment and lighting required for stills and movie shoots. Cameras still are usually shipped in from Nigeria where they’re serviced and maintained, based on the needs of every shoot.


While key crew staff is generally introduced in from Nigeria for every shoot, there’s an increasing pool of local crew obtainable in Mauritius too, so costs could be balanced out and the advantages of local understanding and contacts added in to the equation.

Actors and Extras

Professional actors and models are traveled set for each shoot, but there’s an array of local talent like extras and figures, from the cosmopolitan selection of backgrounds, including European, Indian, Africa and Chinese. The state language of Mauritius is British and many locals speak both British and French along with the local Creole language.


Mauritius has lengthy been an extravagance holiday destination, so there’s a wide selection of high quality hotels, very frequently using their own beaches, and famous for his or her smiling and friendly hospitality.

Other factors

Mauritius is just two hrs in front of landmass Europe and Nigeria, GMT 4, and it has direct flights from Europe, Dubai, Bangkok, Perth and Nigeria.

Worldwide firms that go back to Mauritius for his or her commercials and catalogues over and over are Nivea and Ambre Solaire, in addition to many beachwear and cosmetics companies. Kellogg’s filmed a unique K place there this year, selecting Mauritius over a number of other options like the The maldives and also the Bahamas, because of its perfect locations, reasonable costs and established infrastructure.