The Role of Art Galleries Is Changing

Lovers of great art know that the ability to view and buy art online has opened up a world of new artists and pieces to them. Being able to find a new favourite artist, view their work from the comfort of your home, and then have a print of that art delivered makes it easy for people all over the world to discover new artists and to push themselves artistically. In addition, some art galleries offer amazing events and exhibitions that don’t just showcase great art and artists, but also allow for conversation that connects people in a way never before thought possible. While art galleries used to cater to customers who could physically enter their building, by reaching out to people around the world, they are connecting art lovers like never before.

Online Galleries

Online galleries are becoming more and more popular as artists seek new ways to reach their audience and fans. While online galleries are still fairly new, they are a great way for people all over the world to discover new artists. One of the best online galleries of modern art is Otomys Art Gallery in Melbourne. Otomys has done a wonderful job selecting modern artists that are pushing the boundaries of art and showcasing them on their website.

It’s important that the online prints are optimised for viewing so that, while they may not look as amazing as they do in person, they are still gorgeous enough to make the viewer stop and contemplate the work. While some people may not see the value in online galleries, they do have a place in today’s fast-moving and technology-oriented society. They give viewers worldwide the gift of new art and make it easily accessible for everyone. In addition to being able to buy prints, visitors to the website can learn about events taking place at the art gallery.


Art has transcended just pen and paper, watercolours or oils and is stepping confidently into the digital age. Because of this, it’s important for art galleries to host events for their customers to come and learn from their favourite online artists. One such event at Otomys focuses on art in the digital age and how to create art on an iPad. By showcasing a local artist and having them teach this class, thereby making art accessible to more and more people, Otomys is working hard to bring art to everyone. Instead of classes where the participants feel inadequate and judged, Otomys opens their doors to artists of all backgrounds and abilities, allowing people to enjoy art on their level.

Art galleries do more than simply display art and allow people to come and view it. Their job is changing, and art galleries that embrace the digital age and the challenges that come with it will find that they are highly successful in reaching more people and uncovering emerging artists.